Effective builds and grows streetwear brands in France

We’re established streetwear specialists

Effective has been working with streetwear since 2004. We know the French market in and out and cultivate an extensive network of contacts. We can position your brand exactly how you want, both in terms of image and sales goals.

Go to market fast, stay for long

Once we’re in business, it only takes a few weeks for your products to reach customers. But more importantly, we want your brand to last, so we aim for balance between maximizing the brand’s sales potential and its long-term capacity to attract customers.

We’re here to help out, always

We work with few brands to make sure we deliver a high level of service. Quality conversations produce smooth and effective business relationships, so we’ve organized ourselves around dialogue.

Organize your distribution at will

We have a record of building flexible and innovative business models with brands. Depending on your logistic capacities, margin targets, admin and customer support needs, we offer distribution solutions that will match your strategy.


Find us at 146 rue Saint-Denis, 75002 Paris. 

200 m2 at the heart of Parisian streetwear culture.


  • Distribution strategy
  • Distribution segmentation
  • Market research and insights
  • Brand building and marketing
  • Retail operations
  • Sales training