Effective was created in 2004 by Charles Colleville, a lover of hip hop culture, DJ and rather, well, effective crate digger in the musical underground from back then. Since he knew the classics, he wanted his company to reflect the values of the scene : authentic, independent, positive, true. With a couple thousand euros lent by his family, a van and a lot of driving, he applied to streetwear what he was used to do with mixtapes : sell lots.

Since then, diamonds have worn grooves, the company has grown, set itself up a showroom on rue Saint-Denis in Paris and Effective has established itself as a leader of streetwear distribution in France, where a team of street fashion fanatics work every day. The values haven't changed : share fresh brands with the public, remain independent, work as a team, live a human adventure, seize opportunities.

If you find any of this relevant, if you're looking for a distributor or if you have skills that could help us, write us a few words. Otherwise you can always listen to our current playlist. Peace out.